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    Services Offered
    -ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys
    -Boundary Surveys
    -Topographical Surveys
    -Lot Line Adjustments
    -Boundary Line Agreements
    -Legal Descriptions
    -Elevation Certificates
    -Construction Layout
    -Building/Pad Certifications
    -Existing Interior Floor Plans
    -Volume Calculations
    Partnered Services Offered (subcontracted):

    - Civil Engineering
    - Structural Engineering
    - Architectural Services


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    Survey Plats
    • An ALTA/ACSM Land Title Survey is usually required for a commercial transaction and has specific standards set by their governing associations.
    • Subdivisions are for the combining or subdividing of property whether 1 lot or 100+ lots.?
    • Boundary surveys are the most common with private land owners that just want to know where their property lines are located on the ground.
    • Topographical surveys show the contours and elevation of the land.
    • Lot Line adjustments and Boundary Line Agreements are different ways of moving and/or agreeing to the property line between owners.?

    Construction Services
    • Construction Layout provides the exact location of where buildings, grid lines, utilities, curb & gutter, fences, light poles, and any other type of improvement that may need to be placed as per design plans.?
    • Building/Pad Certification is a letter of certification that states the building pad, foundation or bolt patterns have been construction correctly in the horizontal and vertical positions. ?
    • Volume Calculations are necessary to show the amount of area in 3-dimensional configurations. ?For example: ?detention ponds, stock piles, storm water runoff, etc...

    Other Services
    • Legal Descriptions - Every property has a written description of ?its' exact ?location and size.
    • Existing Interior Floor Plans provide the layout of the interior walls, windows and doors.

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